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As a consulting broker, participating in our consultant program, you will be assisting your loan officer/underwriter, in order to get the loan funded in the most efficient and timely manner.

As a consultant, you will provide the borrower to Best Rate Finance (our mortgage division). We will originate, process, underwrite, and fund the loan.

After determining the best loan program for the borrower, we will provide you and the borrower with a good faith estimate and all the applicable disclosures, prepared by your loan originator, while you and the borrower will determine the rate and price based on our competitive published daily rates.

We will also provide you and the borrower with a loan checklist, detailing those items we need from the borrower to approve and fund the loan. You are responsible for consulting with the borrower and helping us to get those items. You/the borrower can email the conditions, or fax them to us.

Your loan originator and underwriter will be able to answer any questions you or the borrower may have, and is always available, either by phone or email. 

If we pre-approve the file for a mortgage, we will provide you and the borrower with a good faith estimate.  Therefore, along with issuing a list of conditions needed from the loan checklist, we will also be giving the you and the borrower a good faith estimate up front, so that you and borrower are fully aware of all charges in the loan from the beginning. 

Most importantly, you are in constant contact with the borrower, processor, underwriter, and funder, so you can maintain complete control of the file throughout the transaction.